About Tiara

The Royal Women of the European monarchies wore Tiara as a symbol of Royalty, Power & Supremacy. As an old age tradition of Western Europe, Tiara’s were to be worn by Bride’s on their wedding day to symbolize Classic Antiquity, also projecting to – Crowning of Love. By naming our brand as Tiara – we like to send across a prescribed value of Supremacy wrapped in luxury to our cliental which include the young, dynamic, smart, versatile & Exquisite new age women of the 21st Century.

Tiara London

Crafted in the year 2019 in the bustling lanes of Covent Gardens, London, at Tiara London, we want to promote the full experience of bath and self care to living every moment and indulging into a luxurious satisfactory process of self cleanzing, where you allow – your pours to breath, hair to dance, skin to live and on the whole let your presence be felt ! Tiara London products have been crafted keeping in mind the women of New Era, who aren’t scared of anything and who wants to achieve her dreams on their own terms.

WoW Factor

Skincare is a universal concern, but there is a multitude of “Holy Grail” products by our brand Tiara London. Formulated in the UK and thoroughly tested in Professional Labs. There are no harmful chemical ingredients in our products which makes them extremely safe and suitable for all skin types. The real wow factor comes from how amazing and glowing your skin & senses would feel after using our products. Each and every product of our has its own star ingredient which make it perfectly suitable in its own range & works wonders in its area of expertise. Some star ingredients are as follows:

  • Shea Butter – Deep Moisturizer – Nourishes skin from the inside.
  • Almond Oil – Rich in Antioxidants, Proteins & Omega 3 – Making skin Soft & Smooth.
  • Moringa – Deep Hydrating – Keeps you fresh all day.
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 – Shield from Irritation – Protects the skin by acting as a barrier to retain natural skin moisture.
  • Tee Tree & Neem – Supreme Anti-Bacterial – fight skin problems caused by acne.
  • Keratin & Argon Oil – Smoothing, Softening, Cleansing & adding volume to hair & maintain healthy scalp.