How are TIARA London products different from other brands?

TIARA London use highest quality of raw materials for all our product range, right from our Body wash’s to Shampoo’s; Body Moisturizer’s to Body Mist’s; Body Scrub’s to Hand Sanitizer’s; Scented Candle’s to Face Wipe’s, all of these help provide you with the best experience and are absolutely high on efficacy. No harmful chemicals are used in any of the products. All products are free from harmful chemicals like – Sulphates, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Mineral Oils and all our products are non-carcinogenic.

How do the products relax/rejuvenate me?

TIARA London range of products are carefully formulated in the UK, with the best combination of high quality raw material and passionate crafting for the young lady in you, just so as to provide a relaxed sensation at all times, be it-  while enjoying a self-loving bath with our body and bath range of products, or just while reading a pleasant bedtime novel after applying a smooth layer of our butter rich non sticky moisturizers, or while travelling equipped with our soft touch hand wipes & protective sanitizers or while enjoying a cozy evening at home with our mesmerizing range of candles. The fragrances are handpicked by experts which will help you unwind you mind and body.

How often should I use the body scrub?

You can use the scrub as you like, depending on your body cleansing needs or your desire to feel pampered. At TIARA London, we recommend using the scrub 2-3 times a week. Keep one day of the week for a lavish bath indulgence, where you pamper yourself and give your skin n body the love it requires, that’s when you should have a hot water bath while including our body scrub and then gently apply our butter rich non-sticky moisturizers.

How much of the hand cleanser gel should I use at every clean? Can over use be dangerous to my skin?

At TIARA London recommend using our cleanser gel (4-5 drops) every 20-30 mins when outdoors or as and when you feel the need, like after a handshake, after a lift use, when in common areas etc.… Our cleaners are carefully crafted keeping in mind your lovely hands, & to keep them safe and clean at all times, there is no danger unless obvious overuse. Just keep in mind, to keep away from fire while or post usage.

Can I use the wet wipes for my face? Will they help me remove make-up?

Of course, Yes. We, at TIARA London have designed our wipes safe enough to be used on your gentle face along with your beautiful hands. They are safe enough even for kids above age of five. Our wipes will not be the best way for you to remove your make-up unless it’s very minimal, although once your makeup is removed the wipes will definitely treat your face with love and care while keeping it moisturized and fresh looking.