“TIARA LONDON®” introduces their professional range of hair care products with “NANOBOND”

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 23: NANOBOND is the latest product offering from United Kingdom-based premium hair & body care manufacturer – TIARA LONDON® NanoBond is a Nanoplastia Treatment for hair which in many other regions is also referred to as nano-straightening. It is basically a technique derived from nanotechnologies that work at the molecular levels of our hair atoms. It contains natural ingredients that restore damaged hair strands while smoothing, straightening and adding shine which can last up to 6-8 months via innovative hair restoration techniques. It is a proven effective method of straightening which promotes healthier hair & scalp, reflecting the same on the appearance.

NanoBond Nanoplastia Hair Treatment is the latest edition of different types of treatments available in the market but with the main difference of containing zero percentage (0%) of formaldehyde, the cancer-developing ingredient which harms both stylist and clients equally.

NanoBond treatment is optimized in order to save the time of professional stylists while providing long-lasting results to clients. The formula was crafted with a simple belief structure for the unisex range of products while providing long-lasting health and integrity for clients’ everyday hair & scalp type irrespective of gender.

The science behind NanoBond Nanoplastia Hair Treatment – The treatment is infused with rich proteins, oils, amino acids, vitamins and keratin to name a few, which during the various steps of application get dissolved into the cortical layer of the hair and get sealed within the cuticles with help of heat which in turn seals the hair from roots to the ends, thus carefully restructuring the damaged hair which then results in what we call the BIG 5S i.e., Stronger, Straighter, Smoother, Silkier, Shiner; overall healthy & beautiful hair. This process coupled with a home care routine helps reduce hair fall and other keep under control issues like- Split Ends, Fizziness, Dullness, Dryness etc.

A few of the main Unique Differentiating Points of the NanoBond Nanoplastia Treatment are listed as below:

  • Easy same-day application & wash
  • Straightens hair 100%
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Ease of application
  • 0% Formaldehyde
  • No eye burning
  • No irritant smoke
  • No strong or bad smell
  • Safe for both professionals & clients
  • Noticeable reduction in hair fall

NanoBond will be seeing its official commercial launch in the Indian Market very soon. Other than NanoBond, Tiara London brand products are available online on their website www.tiaraoflondon.com, along with major marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. Other than the web they are also available at select salons in the Mumbai Metropolitan region and Surat in Kakadiya Complex. The fact that Tiara London has received such an overwhelming response and customer feedback depicts the brand’s ability to not just come up with innovative products but also deliver quality products to their customers. The brand now plans to venture into the Pan India Market with more products up its sleeves to be launched soon.

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  1. Gotten my hair repair treatment done last Sept, and still my hair is as beautiful as in the 1st month of the treatment. Giving nanobond treatment a 100% 👍🏻

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